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Most students do not realize what college admissions staff want to see in an essay.

We help you to improve your essay, telling your story about the unique and interesting you.

Like many of our clients, who have placed in top schools in USA and Europe, you too will have a strong essay to support your application.


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Read the useful advice below.

The 5 Second Rule: 

It takes an Admissions Officer 5 seconds to decide whether you are rejected or not. If they like what they see in those 5 seconds, perhaps you'll get a chance.



1. Know your audience:

Learn about the college and the program. 

2. Be Unique:

Tell a fun, unique, interesting story; out of 10 people in class you want to be different from all others at least in one way.

3. Connect your past to future goals: 

Colleges want to see that you have a plan. If you don't have a plan, you are more likely to drop out or transfer, which they don't want to see.



1. Don't be cheap/silly:

Cheaper doesn't mean better. Cheaper services copy and paste the essays, changing their previous client's name to yours. Such essays all look the same. College Admissions Officers easily spot them and throw them out.

2. Don't be cheesy:

Don't write about saving starving children in Africa or building schools for the poor in Latin America. Admission Officers are tired of reading about this! (see point 2 in Do's: Be Unique)

3: Don't write the following:

"I want to study at your school because it's the best" They know they are the best; they want to see how you'll fit in.


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