• Class size: 1 - 1 or with a friend

  • Schedule: Day, Evening, and Weekend

  • Price: 1200
  • Duration: 20 hours

Our Teachers:

All IELTS courses are taught by current and former IELTS Examiners.


We only use practice exams and Examiner-prepared, exclusive materials.


Most test-takers can score higher simply by knowing what Examiners want, not by learning new grammar and vocabulary.


Read more about each module below.

MODULE 1:  Speaking & Writing

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Writing: Task 1 & 2

Task 1:

  • The IELTS system used by examiners to rate your response
  • Advanced templates to 
  • What NOT to do, so that you don’t lose points
  • Which information to select for a higher score
  • Lower frequency vocabulary for different types of graphs
  • How to organize your response

Task 2:

  • Memorize easy templates to save time on 4 types of essays.
  • Learn what NOT to do so that you don’t lose points
  • Memorize words and grammar more indicative of fluent users
  • Learn how to organize your response to increase your score


Biggest improvement in shortest times is usually achieved on Speaking.
You will be taught by a former IELTS examiner, who wil teach you the following:

  • The IELTS system used by examiners to rate your response
  • Conversational techniques necessary for maximizing your score.
  • Vocabulary that should help you increase your score and which can be used to answer many questions.

MODULE 2:                         Reading & Listening

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Even after becoming fluent, many exam takers keep getting low scores in this section, often it is because they “hate reading” or “don’t read too much.”This is why in this course, as boring as it may sound, you will read almost every day.

You will learn:

  • How to save time and answer questions without reading the text.
  • Which questions to answer first.
  • How to increase accuracy and efficiency
  • Special focus on most common questions: Headings, True/Fals/Not Given, Sentence Match, Summaries.

We fully acknowledge that Listening is a long-term skill to master; it comes with time. However, you can still improve accuracy of your responses. In this course you will be exposed to some listening drills in order to achieve the following:

  • Familiarity with the questions
  • Multiple choice elimination strategies
  • Fill-in a table approach
  • Familiarity with different accents


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