Majority of our clients are foreign students. This is why our approach to SAT and ACT is a little different from other schools.


For one, we take into account their learning habits, which are often strikigly different from the liberal educational approach used in US schools.


Secondly, many students continue to face language barriers that native speakers do not. This means that SAT/ACT classes are often combined with ESL tutoring.


Lastly, a lot of our clients, although born abroad, have been studying in the US for some time. However, their skill sets and abilities are still different. Taking this into account we have developed an approach aimed at this target audience.


Studying with us you should expect to memorize complex templates which can be reused from test to test. In addition, our vocabulary expansion method is vastly different from those taught abroad. In fact, we have compiled and published our in-house materials.


These techniques do not work well for everyone, but they have proven immensily effective with our foreign students.


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